Confidence – we all have what it takes

Frequently I will receive a message or phone call from a client who is struggling with confidence. Usually in different areas of their lives. At work, as a parent, as a carer or just a general lack of confidence within themselves, like low self-esteem. I find that people are constantly searching for help to increase their confidence.

Are you struggling with confidence?

Does this sound like I am describing you?

We are all born most likely to feel negative comments more significant than receiving a positive comment. Take a moment to think of something a former employer or a teacher or parent may have said to you. No doubt the positive ones will stick, they will make you feel great, but they won’t stick with you as well as the negative comments. We will more easily remember negative comments and events than the positive ones….because they hurt as well.

Here’s the good news – you have all the skills that you need to make huge, incredible changes in your life…. It’s easy - It all begins with your thoughts.

If I got you to write down three things which you were grateful for in your life, every day, for at least 21 days you will automatically create a new, positive neural pathway in your brain. The reason I would get you to do this would mean that positive things would stick with you in your mind longer than what they previously would have did in your past. You would find that you would be able to recall them more easily. You would find that the feeling you would get when someone gives you a compliment or gives you positive feedback will begin to be as deep as the feelings you get when you receive negative feedback or someone criticises you.

Imaging being able to change your life and thought patterns by just taking a few minutes each day. What have you got to lose? Isn’t it worthwhile giving it a try….

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