Living with the burden of anxiety

A lot of us take for granted that we love to socialise with our friends and treat ourselves by going out for meals, going on evenings out, going shopping and treating ourselves with trips away, or whatever it is you chose to enjoy….

If you suffer from social anxiety, you will realise that it causes you to feel completely isolated from friends, family and the outside world. It may affect your life in more ways than one. Being invited for a meal out with friends or to any social event, school event, work gatherings, family gatherings etc will send you into a complete state of panic and real dread.

For anyone who suffers with social anxiety, just the thought of having to do these things can instantly trigger the worry, fear and dread which causes upset, which in turn results in the awful feeling of sheer panic and anxiety. When your heart beats faster, your palms may sweat, your stomach tied in a knot and your mind goes into overdrive with racing thoughts.

Anxiety is when we worry about things that have not yet happened. The circles of worry will go around and around in your mind, until you start to struggle, and this is where it will start to affect your social life.

Instead of living the life you want to live, your avoiding having to go to these social gatherings, it may even be not wanting to go to the shop encase you meet someone you know, or taking your child to an event or club as you want to avoid other parents, all the time your dreading every minute…..

If your friend was to ask you to go for a birthday dinner in a restaurant and for drinks after, do you make an excuse not to go?

Do you avoid family gatherings as you want to avoid too many people being there?

These may all have been things you used to do without even given it a second thought. Now you worry and try to avoid these situations as much as possible.

I can work with you using RTT to find out Why, When and Where you started to act the way that you now do. The good news is by understanding where this behaviour came from, we can change these old outdated beliefs that you have chosen to believe, which in turn has caused you to react the way that you now do. I have worked with numerous clients successfully to allow them to enjoy social events and to gain control over their life again. we can retrain the brain to allow you to live the life you want and deserve.

Everyone deals with anxiety in their own way, some more than others. It can be displayed with different symptoms. Some people simply just want to hideaway to protect themselves. It makes them feel safe. If this sounds like you and you would like to hear more about how RTT Hypnotherapy can help you, please get in touch, I would love to connect with you.


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